Summer Training for B.E/B.Tech Students in Guwahati for 2019

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Introduction to web designing: (4 weeks, targeted for absolute beginners)[ ₹ 4,000]
Week 1: Introduction to HTML and CSS.
Week2: Advanced CSS, frameworks and working with templates.
Week 3: Web architecture, protocols, request-response and necessary concepts.
Week 4: Introduction to Javascript. Handling user interactions on your website.

summer training guwahati
Complete Web Development: (4 weeks, targeted for intermediate programmers)[ ₹ 8,000]
Week 1: Revising HTML, CSS and javascript. Web architecture and protocols.
Week 2: Introduction to PHP & MySQL. Web servers and dynamic web development.
Week 3: Introduction to Wordpress and making a working live website.
Week 4: Hands on experience on production websites and make your portfolio website.

summer training guwahati
Modern frontend development with javascript framework: (4 weeks, for intermediates)[ ₹ 8,000]
This is the hottest skill in the market at present. Targeted towards getting you instant jobs in the industry
Week 1: Revising HTML, CSS and Javascript. Introduction to React.
Week 2: Client-Server architecture. Handling AJAX requests. In-depth study of the javascript language.
Week 3: Working with APIs. Introduction to node.js and mongoDB.
Week 4: Using github to host your first react application. Preparing for common interview questions for positions as front-end developers in tech giants.

summer training guwahati